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How to be a Workers' Compensation Hero

How to be a Workers' Compensation Hero

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published November 12, 2015
Mike Wright

How To Be A Workers' Compensation Hero http://www.onsite-physio.com/workplace-wellness-programs/how-to-be-a-workers-compensation-hero @onsitephysio

If you’re a workers’ compensation professional, of course you want to be a hero. Workers’ comp is a key part of your company’s business operations. It affects regulatory compliance, productivity, employee relations, and the bottom line.

You have to accomplish four things to become a workers’ compensation hero:

  • Save money
  • Resolve claims quickly
  • Reduce future claims
  • Stop “hiring injuries” in the first place

There is only one thing you need to do to achieve all these goals. Switch to a therapy provider that can and will get these things done!

On-site Physical Therapy Saves Money 

Right away, you eliminate travel expenses. On average, employers pay $49 per visit when injured workers have to travel to and from therapy sessions. With worksite therapy, the savings add up fast. 

On-site therapy gets injured workers back on the job sooner. That reduces claims costs. Workers return to full duty 25% more often. Better productivity doesn’t save money, but it does make money for your company. On-site therapy teaches workers how to prevent future work injuries. That means fewer claims. You can lower your MOD rate and save money on workers’ comp premiums.

On-site PT Helps Resolve Claims Faster

Injured workers don’t travel to a clinic for therapy. They go to their regular work site and receive therapy there. It’s so much easier and more convenient. That encourages injured workers to stick to their treatment schedule.

Injured workers receive one-on-one attention from their therapist for the entire session. And they work with the same therapist every session. Better, more efficient care produces results faster. Recovery requires fewer visits, so workers are back on the job sooner. You can stamp their claim “closed” sooner.

Ongoing communication speeds the claims process. It’s easy to stay in touch when the therapist comes to your workplace. You’re always up-to-date about patient progress. No wondering. No frustration. No delays. Full communication includes regular reports that recap all your claims, too. Nothing slips through the cracks. Management has a complete picture of your company’s workers’ comp status.

A formal Return-to-Work program also helps resolve claims faster. Every new hire knows the policy. If they’re injured, you want them back. You expect them to return to work as quickly as possible. And you will work with them to make that happen. This motivates injured workers to take their recovery seriously. It also discourages workers’ comp abuse.

On-site PT Helps Reduce Future Claims

On-site PT is job-specific, customized for each person. While they are healing, employees also learn how to do their daily work safely. That prevents repeat injuries, and that reduces future claims.

Injury prevention programs educate all your employees. You can remind them that working safely is a priority. You can teach them how to do that, with on-site demonstrations, or workshops. You can also help them stay healthy, with activities such as morning stretching exercises.

On-site PT Helps You Hire the Right People

You can’t be a hero without the right tools. Post-offer employment testing, or POET, is an essential part of your hiring program. POET benefits your workers’ comp program in two ways:

  • Evaluating essential functions of each job allows you to create accurate job descriptions. Prospective candidates can see what the job actually entails. They can “opt out” before you hire them, rather than quitting later on.
  • POET identifies candidates who are not physically able to perform necessary, essential functions, so you can avoid hiring them.
  • POET provides individual baseline metrics for each new hire. If they are injured later, that baseline becomes a tool for their doctor and physical therapist. They can use it to identify pre-existing conditions and monitor healing progress.

Bonus Benefits

On-site physical therapy improves employee satisfaction – with their job and your company. That reduces turnover. And that boosts your company’s bottom line in a big way. No wonder you’re a hero!

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