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Improving Your Workplace Wellness | Workers Comp

Treat Injured Workers With Kindness for Optimal Results

Updated May 4, 2022 Originally published May 04, 2022

Customer service is key to outcomes for injured workers. That’s why I’m especially proud of the way we work with injured workers. Treating people with respect and compassion leads to better results — for employees, their employers and their carriers and third-party administrators.

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Use PT to Rein In Musculoskeletal Pain and Costs

Updated April 27, 2022 Originally published April 27, 2022

$980.1 billion per year. That is the latest estimated annual cost to society of musculoskeletal (MS) disease. The figure represents 5.76 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product — up from 3.44 percent of the GDP two decades ago.

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Take Steps to Prevent The Top WC Injury

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published June 08, 2021

The shoulder injury is now America’s #1 injury in terms of frequency and cost per claim. That comment, by the director of Workers’ Compensation, Corporate Insurance & Risk Management for American Airlines, comes despite the fact that many of these injuries are easily preventable. It should serve as a wakeup call for employers to do everything they can to prevent and lessen the impact of these injuries.

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How To Show Support For Your Injured Worker

Updated June 14, 2021 Originally published October 14, 2020

When one of your workers becomes injured, make sure they get medical care right away. This protects your company. It also shows your injured worker that you’re concerned about their welfare. Showing support can help them heal faster and return to work sooner. While they are recovering, they may also be worrying about their future. Your support can reduce their anxiety and build confidence instead.

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The Truth About Worker’s Comp Fraud in the Hospitality Industry

Updated June 14, 2021 Originally published October 02, 2020
Posted by Julian Alexander

Insurance is a way for everyone to put money aside in case of emergency. After a while that big pile of money starts to look very tempting. Fraud happens across the board in the insurance industry.

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Avoid the ‘Weekend Warrior’ Dilemma

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published February 14, 2018

Watching the Winter Olympics can be a great inspiration to get into an exercise regimen, especially if you’ve been fairly sedentary since the holidays started. But before you head to the ice to try a triple axel or a quad lutz it’s important to make sure your body is ready; otherwise, you may find yourself sore at the very least, and possibly with severe injuries.

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New Guidance Mandates PT, Conservative Care Before Back Surgery

Updated June 21, 2018 Originally published February 02, 2018

Lumbar fusion surgery should not be the first line treatment for a majority of Ohio’s injured workers with back pain, according to a new rule. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation implemented the guideline Jan.1, to curb unnecessary back surgeries and reduce the risk of opioid abuse. It is said to be the most restrictive rule of its kind in the workers’ compensation system.

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Third-party Administrator’s 2018 Predictions Target Opioid Crisis

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published January 19, 2018

It is heartening to see the workers’ compensation system continuing the battle to prevent opioid abuse, misuse and diversion. While our industry has done a tremendous job in combatting the problem, it is by no means a done deal. The statistics still paint a horrific picture of the issue. The government estimates more than 100 people die daily as a result of opioid abuse.

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