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Improving Your Workplace Wellness | Industrial Rehab

Treat Injured Workers With Kindness for Optimal Results

Updated May 4, 2022 Originally published May 04, 2022

Customer service is key to outcomes for injured workers. That’s why I’m especially proud of the way we work with injured workers. Treating people with respect and compassion leads to better results — for employees, their employers and their carriers and third-party administrators.

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New Guidance Mandates PT, Conservative Care Before Back Surgery

Updated June 21, 2018 Originally published February 02, 2018

Lumbar fusion surgery should not be the first line treatment for a majority of Ohio’s injured workers with back pain, according to a new rule. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation implemented the guideline Jan.1, to curb unnecessary back surgeries and reduce the risk of opioid abuse. It is said to be the most restrictive rule of its kind in the workers’ compensation system.

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My New year’s Resolution: Better Outcomes for All...

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published December 28, 2017

The end of one year and start of another is a great time to assess the work we do and see how we can improve things going forward. One of my professional New Year’s resolutions is to look for ways to better serve the people we work with, especially injured workers and their employers.   

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Workplace Complaints Can be Opportunities for Savvy Employers

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published August 31, 2017

More than half of American adults face “unpleasant and potentially hazardous” working conditions. Almost three-quarters spend at least one-fourth of their work time in “intense or repetitive physical labor.”

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More Proof: Early PT = Better Outcomes

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published August 15, 2017

“Early referral for outpatient rehabilitation may reduce the utilization of health services that carry greater risks or costs in those with nontraumatic knee pain.”

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New PT Data Registry Holds Promise

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published June 28, 2017

A new outcomes registry may lead to improved care for injured workers. At least, it’s a step in the right direction.

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Get the Best From Older Workers

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published June 06, 2017

The workforce is definitely aging, and that can be great for employers. These workers typically are extremely loyal, dedicated to quality, and can serve as mentors to younger workers with less expertise and experience. To get the most benefit from older workers, companies need to make sure they stay safe and healthy. Understanding some of the unique factors involved in the aging process can help protect these workers, and make sure they get the most appropriate treatment when they are injured.

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PT Strategies for Best Outcomes of Low Back Pain

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published March 01, 2017

Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most pervasive medical conditions in the U.S. An estimated one-quarter of American adults say they have experienced LBP for at least 1 day in the past 3 months; so it’s no wonder it is one of the most common ailments we see among the injured workers we treat.

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