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Improving Your Workplace Wellness

What is the Purpose of Pre-Employment Testing?

Treat Injured Workers With Kindness for Optimal Results

Use PT to Rein In Musculoskeletal Pain and Costs

Take Steps to Prevent The Top WC Injury

How To Show Support For Your Injured Worker

The Truth About Worker’s Comp Fraud in the Hospitality Industry

Using POET to Improve Your Firm's Productivity

The Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing

Who Is Qualified To Perform An On-Site Ergonomic Evaluation?

Avoid the ‘Weekend Warrior’ Dilemma

New Guidance Mandates PT, Conservative Care Before Back Surgery

Third-party Administrator’s 2018 Predictions Target Opioid Crisis

Better Outcomes Ahead with PT Changes

How to Keep WC Claims Down During Flu Season

My New year’s Resolution: Better Outcomes for All...

Stand Up for Fewer Workers’ Comp Injuries...

Use PT to Reduce Costs; Avoid Surgeries, Opioids

Help Reduce Chronic Low Back Pain Among The Workforce

Keep Workers Injury-Free Following Storms

Workplace Complaints Can be Opportunities for Savvy Employers

More Proof: Early PT = Better Outcomes

Timely, Appropriate PT Needed

New PT Data Registry Holds Promise

Get the Best From Older Workers

PhysNet to Present at SIIA Conference

Workers’ Compensation System Embraces Opioid Alternatives

Physical Therapists Take Aim at Opioid Epidemic..

PT Strategies for Best Outcomes of Low Back Pain

Look to PT to Avoid Creeping Catastrophic Claims

Automation and the World of Workers' Comp

Are We Fulfilling Our Obligations to Injured Workers?

Study Verifies Workers’ Comp Best Practices

What Really Drives Best Return To Work Outcomes?

How to Decide the Best Location for Treating Injured Workers

How One Luxury Hotel Chain Saved 30% With Mobile PT

Employers Brace for OSHA Recordkeeping Changes Despite Delay

Experts Say Advocacy-Based Claims Model Boosts Outcomes

Encourage Wellness to Cut Workers’ Compensation Costs

The Pros & Cons of Permanent PT Clinics at Work Site vs. Health Clinics

9 Stretches For Hospitality Workers

How to Prepare For OSHA's New EWS Check-Ups

Want to Know One Way to Help Prevent Opioid Addictions? Start On-site Physical Therapy STAT

5 Ergonomic Exercises to Reduce Workplace Lifting Injuries

Do Injured Workers Prefer Outpatient Therapy at Work or In Clinic?

5 Ergonomic Solutions Proven to Reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Risk

The Pitfalls of POET and How to Avoid Them

Can I Choose My Injured Workers’ Rehab and Physical Therapy Provider?

Rehab and Physical Therapy - What’s the Difference?

What Qualifies Someone to Perform Pre-Employment Screening Services?

Where Can I Find Pre-Employment Screening Services?

Outpatient Therapy at Work - the Key to Faster Claims Processing?

Why Conduct Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)?

Does Outpatient Physical Therapy at Work Save Money?

Today's Workers' Comp System Increases Suffering: Fixing the System for Injured Workers

5 Pillars of a Good Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Test

Do Ergonomic Solutions Reduce Worker Injuries?

Functional Physical Therapy Goals - Must-Have Considerations

Ergonomic Solutions For The Hospitality Industry

What are Reasonable Functional Physical Therapy Goals for my Injured Worker?

Essential Workplace Ergonomic Solutions

How to Prepare for a Workers' Compensation Audit

How Can Post-Offer Employment Testing Make Our Highways Safer?

Add Your Voice to Our Nationwide Survey on Physical Therapy Performance

On-Site Ergonomics Evaluations

What Are The Benefits Of Rehab At Work?

Should My Company Offer Rehab At Work?

Are Ergonomic Evaluations Worth The Investment?

What To Look For In A Pre-Employment Test

Is Your Company’s Pre-Employment Assessment Test Legal?

Do Corporate Wellness Programs Work?

Creating Corporate Wellness Programs

What Is Accelerated Physical Therapy?

Why Benchmarks Lead To Successful Physical Therapy Programs

Why Shortening Return-To-Work Time Saves More Than Just Money

How To Make Sure Your Injured Worker Gets Re-Injured

2 Surprising WCRI Stats

Employers And Insurers Gain Control In Workers' Comp Disputes

What Injured Workers Really Want

How On-Site Physical Therapy Programs Curb Opioid Abuse

How to be a Workers' Compensation Hero

How Much of Your WC Cost is Eaten Up on Travel?

A Day in the Life of a PT Clinic Provider

Reduce Reporting Delays To Reduce WC Costs

Direct To Specialist Or Managed Care: Which Reduces Costs More?

How to Effectively Increase Employee Engagement with Your Injured Worker

Improving Communication between Injured Workers and Workers' Comp Insurers for Better Outcomes and Lower Costs

How To Mitigate Impact On Injured Workers As "Reforms" Limit Workers' Compensation Benefits

Preventing Workplace Injuries Starts With Management

Are Employees Accountable For Unsafe Behavior Leading To Workers' Comp Claims?

Helping Injured Workers Manage Chronic Lower Back Pain

Should Management Refute Every Workers’ Compensation Dispute?

How Effective Is Post Offer Employment Testing?

Workplace Violence: 5 Simple Safety Measures You Can’t Afford To Overlook

Are You About To Hire Your Next WC Case?

Top 22 Questions Hotels Should Ask About Physical Therapy Treatment Programs

4 Strengthening Exercises For Hospitality Janitorial Workers

7 Ways On-site Physical Therapy Lowers Costs

Body Mechanic Training For The Hospitality Industry

How Soliciting Hotel Worker Input Reduces Workers’ Comp Cases And Costs

The 5-Minute Injury-Prevention Break For Hospitality Workers

13 Questions That Can Improve Your Workers' Comp Program

6 Ways To Reduce Workers' Compensation Claims

Help Your Hotel Housekeeping Staff Get Healthy And Back To Work Faster

5 Signs Your Hotel Is About To Suffer Crippling Workers' Compensation Issues

6 Step Protocol To Improving Your Return-To-Work Rates

In House Programs To Prevent Injuries Among Hospitality Workers

Industrial Rehab Return to Work Programs

Why Your Hotel's Restaurant Is Heading For A Worker's Comp Crisis

Ways To Improve Your Hotel's Return To Work Rehab Program

Do Hotel Employer-Sponsored Fitness Programs Reduce Worker's Compensation Claims?

5 Ways To Take Back The Workers' Compensation Treatment Process And Close Claims Faster

How Hotel Management Can Improve Return To Work Rates Before And After Injuries Occur

9 Physical Therapist Questions To Improve Your Workers’ Comp Program

Why Your Workers' Comp Program Should Follow A Sports Therapy Regimen

Why Your Hospitality Workers Need On-Site Physical Therapy

Is There More Workers' Comp Fraud in the Hospitality Industry?