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Outpatient Therapy at Work - the Key to Faster Claims Processing?

Outpatient Therapy at Work - the Key to Faster Claims Processing?

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published March 03, 2016
Danny Sanchez, PT, CEAS

Outpatient Therapy at Work - the Key to Faster Claims Processing? http://www.onsite-physio.com/workplace-wellness-programs/outpatient-therapy-at-work-the-key-to-faster-claims-processing @onsitephysioThe sooner injured workers return to work, the lower your workers’ compensation costs. Obviously you want to close workers’ comp claims as quickly as possible. But you won’t save time or money if employees aren’t fit for duty when they return. Outpatient therapy performed on-site, at work, provides faster claims processing and better results.

How can that be?

Treatment Is More Efficient

Outpatient therapy at work is tailored to each individual worker. Their treatment plan is appropriate for their injury. But it is also appropriate for the physical demands of their specific job. When treatment is more relevant, it is more effective.

Outpatient therapy at work is more convenient. Injured workers do not have to travel to an offsite clinic for treatment sessions. This saves time, so the recovery process can move forward faster. It also eliminates travel-related claims costs, which can add up fast.

On-site physical therapists provide treatment on demand. They schedule sessions directly with each patient, at their jobsite. Treatments can even be scheduled at home, if necessary. All sessions are 100% one-on-one, so injured workers receive the therapist’s full attention. That helps speed recovery.

Although therapy is customized for each injured worker, the process itself is standardized. You can count on the same quick response and top-quality care, no matter where your workers are located.

Communication Is More Efficient

When you work with PhysNet, you get a single point of contact. That’s true no matter how many claims or locations you may have. We handle intake, scheduling and discharge. Everyone gets ongoing progress reports and is communicated with every step of the way. You also get detailed quarterly reports. And you get customized recommendations on how to reduce future claims.

Corey Lile for InsuranceJournal.com states that, A claim should have only one claims manager throughout its duration. This way, all parties involved – from the doctor, to the claimant, to the employer — will have a consistent single point-of-contact. This dedicated manager is able to stay on top of all details of the claim and focus on closing it quickly with minimal costs. Tweet this quote.

You don’t have to waste time tracking down information. You never have to wonder about the disposition of referrals. Or about an injured worker’s progress. All these things streamline claims processing. It’s faster, and it’s easier.

On-site physical therapy also facilitates in-person communication. You can chat with the therapist when he or she is at your facility. You can also drop in on a treatment session to see for yourself how your employee is progressing. That allows you to personally encourage them. Treating them as a person, not as a claim, shows you care. And that just might inspire them to work even harder at their recovery.

You Are More Efficient

Faster claims processing indicates your injured workers are returning to work sooner. That does more for your company than lighten your load of paperwork. You can spend the time you save doing something more positive. Perhaps expanding your Return-to-Work program or developing new injury prevention programs. In fact, on-site physical therapy comes with “built-in” injury prevention. During treatment sessions, the physical therapist teaches each person how to work in a safer manner. That reduces re-injuries and future claims.

When you come right down to it, outpatient therapy at work makes you a hero. One delighted case manager at a large national non-profit put it this way: “You will see better functional outcomes, faster return to work statistics, decreased indemnity cost and lost time days.” This organization now has a visits-per-claim rate that is less than half the national average. That’s a tremendous savings for any size company.National Benchmark Survey - Onsite Physio

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