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Add Your Voice to Our Nationwide Survey on Physical Therapy Performance

Add Your Voice to Our Nationwide Survey on Physical Therapy Performance

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published January 26, 2016
Julian Alexander


For more than 10 years, we've been hearing how hard it is to get decent benchmark and trend data on physical therapy performance statistics. And what data we can find, doesn't answer our needs.

The worker's comp industry is bursting with data. But access is either expensive or, when it's free, contains only partially relevant bits and pieces. Getting the whole picture in an easy-to-understand format is practically impossible. More to the point, the data out there doesn't help workers' comp pros make better, more informed decisions about programs and providers – especially when it comes to physical therapy treatment.

So we decided to put a stake in the ground and fund an annual national survey on physical therapy performance. It's a modest beginning, because we want to make sure that we're collecting data you find useful. And we're committed to doing this every year and collecting new data you've requested.

We will also widely distribute the results — for free. We view this as our industry contribution to help employers, adjusters, and case managers be more effective. After all, how can you tell if a physical therapy provider is performing well or poorly if you don't know what the industry averages are for things such as "time to schedule an initial evaluation" or "average number of visits per referral."

We believe that transparency is a good thing. We believe that information is power. We want to put these tools into your hands to help you make better decisions. Because if you make better decisions, everybody wins: injured employees return to work faster, employer and insurance costs get reduced, your workload is lightened, and physical therapy providers get feedback that helps them improve.

Won't you please add your voice to the survey today? It will take you less than 5 minutes. 

In return, the third party we've hired to manage this survey and analyze the results will be sure to get you a copy of the report just as soon as it's ready.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Julian Alexander

Danny Sanchez

National Benchmark Survey - Onsite Physio

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