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The 5-Minute Injury-Prevention Break For Hospitality Workers

The 5-Minute Injury-Prevention Break For Hospitality Workers

Updated June 9, 2021 Originally published September 24, 2015
Danny Sanchez, PT, CEAS

The 5-Minute Injury-Prevention Break For Hospitality Workers http://blog.onsite-physio.com/workplace-wellness-programs/the-5-minute-injury-prevention-break-for-hospitality-workers @onsitephysioStaying limber and warmed up is a proven way of avoiding injury while exercising, but it’s also a good way to avoid injuries at work. Because of the various positions and twists that workers get into on a regular basis you could say that a day at work is even more rigorous than your average work-out. Why not try these quick stretches before getting to work? You can even do them on a break. If you’re feeling stiff this is a way to loosen your muscles and return to work feeling better.

Standing Back Extension

This is a lower back stretch. To relieve that tightness that builds after a long day of constant ups and downs.

● Stand straight feet shoulder width apart

● Chin down tucked in

● Place your hands on your lower back

● Arch your back over your hands and return to starting position

● 5 reps

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Don’t pull a hamstring at work. This will help you flex the muscle safely and get you ready for climbing stair and ladders. You’ll need a chair or a bench for this one.iStock_000069652485_Small

● Stand up facing the chair square on

● Raise one leg onto the chair

● Keep your feet parallel to the chair

● Keep an upright posture and lean forward over your lifted leg

● Repeat for both legs


Standing Quadriceps Stretch 

This is another leg stretch and helps your quads. You might want to stand by a wall for this one or have a chair handy in case you lose balance.iStock_000074493803_Small

● Stand up

● Bend one leg and grab your ankle

● Pull your ankle to your butt

● Stand up straight and feel the stretch

● Repeat for both legs


Posterior Shoulder StretchiStock_000051729708_Small

This is good to ease that tension in your arms and shoulders.

● Stand, raise one arm to shoulder height

● Place arm across chest

● Pull elbow towards opposite shoulder

● Arm parallel to the floor, thumb up


Triceps Stretch - Hand on ElbowiStock_000000509783_Large

This gets the triceps or back of your arms so you feel loose and easy.

● Sit and stand

● Lift arm above head, bend elbow

● Rest hand between shoulder blades

● Use opposite hand to pull elbow down


Wall Push-up

You don’t want to get down on the floor in the break-room but you can get some of the benefits of a push-up from the wall.

● Stand about a foot or so from the wall

● Place your hands on the wall at shoulder height

● Toe on the floor

● Bend arms and lower chest to wall

● Push up as slow as you can

This is just a quick selection of the kinds of stretches you can do. They’re easy, quick and are very beneficial when it comes to preventing injuries on the job.

Hurt maid on ground who needs help to get back to work faster.

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